I have been a sole practitioner since Sept., 2000. The term “sole practitioner” means that I work for myself and by myself. I am a ‘litigation attorney,’ meaning that the areas of law that I practice in require me to be in Court and fight other lawyers on a daily basis. Basically, I see civil litigation (and criminal defense) as ‘modern day warfare,’ meaning that instead of fighting another person with a gun, knife, dynamite, etc., I am essentially fighting for my clients with the filing of Motions, Memoranda of law, testimony taken from depositions and hearings, and ultimately, the end battle is the trial itself.

In creating this website, I looked at other lawyers’ websites and noticed that very few of them contained summaries of how these lawyers handled their previous cases. Therefore, I have provided ‘case summaries’ of previous cases that I’ve worked on for each area of law highlighted on this website. I hope that after having read these summaries of how I have handled cases in my career, you will notice the care, diligence, patience, aggressiveness and wisdom that I have exhibited in representing my clients. I really take pride in looking after my clients’ needs and always putting their best interests first.

After a decade of litigating all different types of cases, I have to say that litigation is very difficult and time-consuming. But I’ve also observed that I handle litigation better than many lawyers who are older than I am.

I specialize in the nasty, vicious divorce cases that are called ‘contested divorces.’ I also work heavily in Family Court matters and criminal defense cases, which includes traffic tickets  (moving violations) and the restoration of suspended driver’s licenses. But I am well-versed in civil litigation in general and have obtained excellent results for my clients in other types of civil litigation cases, from debt collection  (I do not represent strictly creditors or debtors – I can represent either side) to foreclosure defense, legal malpractice, etc. The term ‘civil litigation’ encompasses many different types of lawsuits and essentially refers to ALL civil lawsuits  (except for matters involving Social Security and workmen’s compensation).

Although you might not be involved in a felony case, if you read my ‘case summaries’ in the category of ‘Criminal Defense – Felonies,’ you will get a good idea of how I prepare my clients to testify for trial. I know how to prepare a client for trial in a criminal case and how to prepare a client for trial (or hearing or a deposition) in a civil matter. The process is not that much different.

I am an effective lawyer because I fully commit myself to the pressures, challenges and responsibilities that each case presents. I am referring to keeping track of appearances in Court, filing Motions on time, responding to Motions filed by opposing counsel, staying on top of paperwork, not to mention preparing my client for a deposition (or a hearing) and eventually, the trial. A successful lawyer must perform all of the above tasks well in order to ensure that each and every client’s case has the best chance of being victorious.

In addition to representing English – speaking clients, I am fluent in Spanish and it has been my pleasure to represent Hispanic clients. I also speak Chinese (Mandarin only) and I welcome phone calls/inquiries from Chinese-speaking clients.

Soy un abogado bilingue y por lo tanto puedo comunicar directamente con mis clientes en vez de utilizar un interprete.

As a ‘sole practitioner,’ I work directly with my clients and I handle 100% of my own cases, unlike many other lawyers and law firms. It is a shame that sometimes a person will hire a lawyer/law firm, only to find out that the lawyer whom they met with at the beginning (and paid the retainer fee to) is not the lawyer who ultimately works on the case. Many times I have come across people in Court who are waiting for a lawyer whom they have not spoken to prior to the court appearance. Sometimes I have come across people in Court who are waiting for a lawyer whom they have not even met before.

In general, my consultations are free, with a few exceptions. Please call my office number– (516) 248-8253.

1) All divorces (contested and uncontested) and ‘Family Court practice’. (The only thing that the Family Court cannot do is grant a Judgment of Divorce. Otherwise, all other issues that are litigated in a divorce case can also be decided in Family Court. In fact, Family Court is often cheaper and faster than NY Supreme Court, where divorce cases are litigated.)

2) Criminal defense: This field of law encompasses felonies, misdemeanors, even traffic tickets and the restoration of driver’s licenses. Remember that criminal defense involves more than just negotiating a plea bargain deal. I am proud to have represented clients who were innocent and therefore refused to plead guilty. I have helped those clients prove their innocence, both at trial and before the grand jury.

3) Commercial litigation a/k/a debt collection: I represent creditors (called plaintiffs) in collecting their unpaid debts and I engage in judgment enforcement which includes (but is not limited to), the freezing of bank accounts, wage garnishment, vehicle seizures, etc.) I also represent debtors (called defendants) in the unfreezing of bank accounts and negotiating settlements with creditors.

4) Immigration law: This field of law includes applications for permanent residency (‘green card’) and US citizenship. I also represent clients who qualify for TPS renewal and I have experience with In Removal (‘deportation’) cases.

5) Landlord – Tenant cases: This field of law includes ‘non-payment’ & ‘holdover cases,’ both in the Courts of Long Island and in the boroughs of New York City.

6) Legal Malpractice: I began to take these cases after I noticed the large number of divorce cases that had been severely botched-up by the client’s former lawyer. But legal malpractice claims also arise from other fact patterns that have nothing to with divorce and/or Family Court.

7) Unemployment/Dept. of Labor Cases: I have won about 100 of these cases in my career, which I believe is more than any other lawyer (or ‘authorized agent’) on the list of attorneys and authorized agents that the Dept. of Labor has published for claimants who are seeking representation for their unemployment hearing.